Cost Breakdown

In building the Skerry, I wanted to keep a record of my expenses so prospective builders could get a realistic picture of the costs associated with the build.  A large amount of my costs were in tools.  For some, many of these tools are in their existing personal inventory.  Other than a drill, bits, and a handsaw, I really had nothing.  I wanted to purchase quality tools that would last me well through this build and into the next.  The build could be completed without many of these tools, but I wanted to grow my personal inventory.  Many were purchased from CLC, others from Home Depot.  Please realize that the prices I have listed may have been discounted.

Item Cost Vendor / Item Link
Skerry Rowing Kit $1,219.80 CLC
Skerry Manual $15.00 CLC
Kit Total $1,234.80
Japanese Saw – 9-1/2″ $36.58 CLC
Bonsai Saw $17.58 CLC
Counter Sink Drill Bit Set $41.80 CLC
Riffler Rasp Set $21.84 CLC
Bullnose Rabbet Plane – 1-1/8″ x 4″ $34.20 CLC
Low Angle Block Plane – 1-3/8″ x 6″ $44.65 CLC
Shop Safety Package – Includes: $46.86 CLC
     3M 6000 Series Respirator w/ HEPA Filters
     3M 6100 Vapor Cartidge Set
     3M P100 HEPA Particulate Filter Set
     Peltor Ear Muffs
Spokeshave $27.55 CLC
Foam Sanding Handblock $16.14 CLC
Chalkline and Reel $7.08 Home Depot
24″ Professional Level $33.27 Home Depot
Carpenter’s Framing Square – 24″ x 16″ $10.77 Home Depot
Johnson Combination Square – 12″ $12.57 Home Depot
Diagonal Wire Cutters $17.97 Home Depot
Adjustable Steel Folding Saw Horses (2) $53.95 Home Depot
Bar Clamp / Spreader – 24″ (2) $44.95 Home Depot
Spring Clamp – 2″ (40) $35.64 Home Depot
Random Orbit Sander $71.10 Home Depot
Tape Measure $0.00 Already Owned
Handsaw $0.00 Already Owned
Drill and Bits $0.00 Already Owned
Screwdrivers $0.00 Already Owned
Sharp Knife / Box Cutter $0.00 Already Owned
Hammer $0.00 Already Owned
Rubber Mallet $0.00 Already Owned
Safety Glasses $0.00 Already Owned
Tools Total $574.50
Epoxy Supplies Package – Includes: $132.95 CLC
     Epoxy Mixing Cups – Quart (20 Pack)
     Platic Epoxy Spreaders (5)
     Fillet Tools (3 Sets)
     2″ Chip Brushes (Case of 50)
     Foam Roller Covers (20)
     4-1/2″ Roller Frames (4)
     Epoxy Syringes (12)
     Disposable Nitrile Gloves (300 Pair)
Random Orbit Sanding Disk Package – Includes: $42.37 CLC
     80 Grit Sanding Discs (25)
     120 Grit Sanding Discs (50)
     220 Grit Sanding Discs (25)
Handing Sanding Package – Includes: $163.25 CLC
     80 Grit 3M Adhesive-Backed Sandpaper -30 Yards
     120 Grit 3M Adhesive-Backed Sandpaper -30 Yards
     220 Grit 3M Adhesive-Backed Sandpaper -30 Yards
     Foam Sanding Block
Plastic Sheeting – 9′ x 400′ $17.98 Home Depot
Blue Painter’s Tape – 1″ Wide Roll $5.28 Home Depot
Supplies Total    $361.83
Grand Total

This list is not complete.  There are still many things I need to buy to complete the build. Those include the sailing component kit, paint, varnish, and a router.  I will continually update this page as I purchase supplies, tools, or parts.

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