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Are You A Fan Of My Page?

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I have noticed that in the past couple days I have had over 100 views each day?  I am well over 3000 views now. A you a fan of the blog? Do you have any questions? Advice?  I would love to hear from some of the page’s readers.  You can use the comments link below or send me an email!

This Site Hasn’t Been Forgotten

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It has been nearly two months since I have worked or the boat or updated this site.  I really want to get back to it.  Hopefully that can happen soon…  I have just been so busy with work and other commitments.

Motivation Photo Shoot

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Not having worked on the Skerry for a couple weeks, I got used to all the free time!  As much as I do enjoy working on it, I still need motivation to get back in the building groove, especially with all the sanding that is coming up. I had a spare moment today so I pulled the boat out for a photo shoot.  I put the flag on, fit the oarlocks, and set the unfinished mast, just for kicks.

Visit to Chesapeake Light Craft

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Sorry it has been such a long time since my last update.  I changed collateral duties at work and was away for some training.  While up North, I had the opportunity to meet up with my parents for Father’s Day.  We went and saw the tall ships in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, but we also visited Chesapeake Light Craft.  I was really excited to see Pocketship.  Whenever I get a place with a two car garage, it will be my next build.


Boat Building Hiatus

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I am away this week, taking a class up in Yorktown, VA for my job, so I won’t be working on the boat at all.  At the end of the trip I hope to stop by Chesapeake Light Craft in Annapolis, MD.  Hopefully I can take some pictures and up load them to the site.

1000 Page Views!!!

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I logged into the site tonight to check some admin stuff and realized that this build blog now has over 1000 views!  I have noticed that traffic has been peaking a lot lately.  I am getting a lot of inbound traffic from Google and Bing.  Maybe Chesapeake Light Craft will add my blog to their blog list and increase my view count even more.

Anyways, I hope that this site has helped other small wooden craft builders.  It is probably more likely though that 50% of those views are from friends and family.

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