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First Coat of Paint

Posted by Zachary Wiest in Paint, Preparation, Tools

After sanding the second coast of primer, I hauled the Skerry back into the garage.  I began cleaning the hull with tack cloth and then whipped her down with a denatured alcohol.  I taped off the rails and began painting using a 6″ roller and foam tipping brush. I used the technique seen in this video: Interlux Brightsides Roll and Tip Technique.  I learned not to do too much at once, only moving about 12″ down the hull at a time.  If you don’t it is difficult to keep a wet edge.  The paint I used was Interlux Brightsides Hatteras Off White (1990).

Time Spent: 3.0 Hours

Total Time In Build: 152 Hours

Second Layer of Hull Primer

Posted by Zachary Wiest in Preparation, Sanding

Today I sanded down the first layer of primer using 120 grit paper.  I then added the second layer of primer, finishing off my can of Interlux PreKote.

Time Spent: 2.0 Hours

Total Time In Build: 149 Hours

First Layer of Hull Primer

Posted by Zachary Wiest in Paint, Preparation

I just finished laying down the first layer of hull primer.  I began the day by pulling out the boat and using painter’s tape on the underside of the rail.  I then gave it a good whipe-down with denatured alcohol. Once that was complete I used a roller to cover the hull.  A foam brush was used in the laps to make sure they got covered.  I key with the primer is not to try to make it look beautiful.  This layer Interlux PreKote hi-build primer is just to fill any abnormalities and provide the paint with something to stick too.  In a day or two I will sand it down with 120grit.

On another note.  I am noticing a lot of traffic on the website.  During the couple months that I wasn’t working on the boat or even updating the site I had over a thousand views!  I am about 100 away from 3000!

Time Spent: 1.5 Hours

Total Time In Build: 147 Hours

Daggerboard Slot and Paint Prep

Posted by Zachary Wiest in Epoxy, Preparation, Sanding, Tools, Woodworking

Today I flipped the boat over and cut the daggerboard slot with my router.  I did it freehand and was tough to get a straight line, but it turned out well.  The daggerboard goes through the hull, right in line with the centerline.  After I completed the cut, I rounded it over with the router.

Next I got out the sander and sanded the exterior hull in preparation for primer.  There was a lot of hand sanding too!  To finish off the day I sealed off the exposed wood in the daggerboard slot with some unthickened epoxy.

Time Spent: 4.0 Hours

Total Time In Build: 145.5 Hours

Righting the Boat and Reorganizing the Garage / Tools

Posted by Zachary Wiest in Preparation, Tools

It was raining off and on today, which has been the case for quite some time.  It really hurts progress on the boat since I do so much work outside.  Because I was limited by the weather, I pulled the boat out of the garage and took a few photos before I righted it. I also took some time to sweep the garage and reorganize all my tools which have been strewn all over the place.

Time Spent: 0.5 Hours

Total Time In Build: 74.5 Hours

Prepping for Fiberglass on the Bottom of the Hull

Posted by Zachary Wiest in Fiberglass, Preparation

I decided to do a little more work before heading to bed tonight.  Tomorrow I plan to fiberglass the bottom of the hull, so I did some reading and made some decisions on how I could do the best possible job.

Only the bottom and first panels get fiberglassed and the manual cautions the builder about epoxy running when completing this task.  To curb any runs, I used some painter’s tape and plastic to create a skirt where I do not want any epoxy.

Next, I cut some fiberglass cloth to size and laid it over the hull.  I should be able to wake up tomorrow and start the process.

Time Spent: 0.5 Hours

Total Time In Build: 41.5 Hours

Received Some New Things Today!

Posted by Zachary Wiest in Preparation

I just got home and saw a box in my driveway.  My sailing kit had arrived.  I also ordered some top mount oarlock sockets, additional wood stock for custom rails, and plastic inspection ports for the two stem tanks.  I inventoried everything and it all looks good. I have been sick the past few days so haven’t been working on the boat. When I feel better I’ll get back to it.

My Garage Is Waiting For My Skerry Kit

Posted by Zachary Wiest in Preparation

Believe it or not, this is the workspace I intend to use to construct the Skerry.  It is a one car garage and should be just wide and long enough for construction… I hope! If you are wondering what that thing is at the bottom of the picture, it is a mosquito coil.  When I work in my garage at night this saves me from the bites.  Mosquitos in February?  Yes, this is South Florida and it is 80 degrees out!

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