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I have noticed that in the past couple days I have had over 100 views each day?  I am well over 3000 views now. A you a fan of the blog? Do you have any questions? Advice?  I would love to hear from some of the page’s readers.  You can use the comments link below or send me an email!


  1. Wayne Shipman

    Have watched with interest, as I would like to attempt a Skerry or similar design.

  2. Andy Johnstone

    I have just bought the plans for the Skerry and I am hoping to build this boat this winter to get her in the water for late spring here in Devon, UK.

    I had planned to build from the plans, but I have calculated that to cut and prep the parts will cost me too much time and energy, so I think I am now going to order the kit. I think the extra costs in the kit will be well worth it in the end. My daughter has just finished Swallows and Amazons and is keen to get on the water!

    Anyway, your blog is very useful with loads of very handy photos, so thanks for sharing! However I note there are no images of the final boat. Have you completed the project now?

  3. Tim

    I saw you disappeared from this blog for the last couple years. I’m interested in how that propulsion rudder turned out – Do you still have the “skerry” – Thx, Tim

    • Zachary Wiest

      Hi Tim! The propulsion rudder worked out great! As soon as I started using the skerry, I stopped updating the blog since I spent that time enjoying it!

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