First Layer of Hull Primer

Posted by Zachary Wiest in Paint, Preparation

I just finished laying down the first layer of hull primer.  I began the day by pulling out the boat and using painter’s tape on the underside of the rail.  I then gave it a good whipe-down with denatured alcohol. Once that was complete I used a roller to cover the hull.  A foam brush was used in the laps to make sure they got covered.  I key with the primer is not to try to make it look beautiful.  This layer Interlux PreKote hi-build primer is just to fill any abnormalities and provide the paint with something to stick too.  In a day or two I will sand it down with 120grit.

On another note.  I am noticing a lot of traffic on the website.  During the couple months that I wasn’t working on the boat or even updating the site I had over a thousand views!  I am about 100 away from 3000!

Time Spent: 1.5 Hours

Total Time In Build: 147 Hours

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