Test Assembling / Installing the Rudder

Posted by Zachary Wiest in Electrical, Modifications

It has been ages since I posted, and I am sorry for that.  I was out of the country again and then had a bunch of guys come through for 5 days.  Anyways, I am back to work on the Skerry.  I test assembled the rudder and took some pictures so that you could see my modifications to allow for the trolling motor.  Once I put the other side on I side, “heck, why not try to hang this thing on the hull.”  Aligning the gudgeons and pintles is a daunting task.  I spent over 90 minutes trying to get it right.  It is isn’t perfect, but this isn’t the final install.  I just wanted to get an idea for how it will all go.

Time Spent: 2.0 Hours

Total Time In Build: 135.5 Hours


  1. momist

    Sorry to criticise, but shouldn’t the longer pintle go at the bottom? The longer pintle goes in first, and if doing this in the water, with the upper pintle in the middle of the rudder, any current or movement of the boat will exert a terrific pressure trying to twist the rudder on the one pintle, while you try to locate the second one deep in blurry water. If the bottom one goes in first, you have the whole length of the rudder as leverage to get the upper one lined up, and you can see it better as well.

    • Zachary Wiest

      Yes, you are correct. I noticed this but it was no where near the final install. The rudder cheeks hadn’t even been glued together. When I finally do mount the rudder, this will be corrected. I am currently in the process of painting the hull. Thanks for your comment!

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