Sanding The Interior, Again – Part 1

Posted by Zachary Wiest in Sanding, Tools

So another long journey of sanding begins.  I must sand the entire interior to smooth the epoxy covered fiberglass.  It is about a 50/50 fix between power sanding and hand sanding.  Reaching over the Skerry’s sheer makes this a difficult task.  Also, when hand sanding, I constantly need to vacuum up the dust as it builds up quick.  Fortunately the random orbit sander has a vacuum attachment.

I only spent a couple hours sanding today.  It was hot and a lot of work.  I sanded the majority of the bottom and #1 panels.  I don’t plan to sand in the bow and stern compartments as they will be sealed up by the seats.  You will notice in the pictures that sanding makes the beautiful epoxied wood look gray and ugly.  It is supposed to look like this.  Once another layer of epoxy or varnish hits it, it will look good again.  I just have to smooth everything out before those final pretty coats.

Time Spent: 2.0 Hours

Total Time In Build: 115.0 Hours

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