Fiberglassing Skerry Interior

Posted by Zachary Wiest in Electrical, Epoxy, Fiberglass

I am pooped!  I just spent 7 straight hours on the Skerry.  I began the day by taping off the seam between the bottom panel and the #1 panel on the inside of the hull.  Next, I laid the speaker wire which will run from the center to forward frame in the lap joint.  All of the laps and seams throughout the boat will get fillets of epoxy thickened with wood flour, and the fillet I taped off is the only one that needs to be below the fiberglass. The speaker wire will run under this fillet.  I filled a ziploc bag with epoxy for an easy application.  I used it like a pastry bag by cutting a hole in one corner.

While the fillets sat for a little, I cut fiberglass cloth to fit the interior of the hull.  The manual only calls for covering the bottom and #1 panels.  After the fiberglass was cut, I smoothed my fillets with a gloved, denatured alcohol soaked finger.  The fiberglass went in next and unthickened epoxy was poured on top and spread with a plastic squeegee.  After about an hour of drying time, excess fiberglass was cut out with a razor blade.

It was a long day, and now I am at work for a midnight flight, but when I get home I have to put on another coat of unthickened epoxy to fill the fiberglass weave.

Time Spent: 7.0 Hours

Total Time In Build: 110.5 Hours

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