Sanding in Preparation for Interior Fiberglass and Epoxy

Posted by Zachary Wiest in Sanding

Today I had a sanding marathon.  A full 5 hours of sanding, and with no power tools!  I used only hand blocks and raw sandpaper.  Everything was smoothed with 80, 150, then 220 grit paper.  The interior of the hull went pretty quick, it was the custom rails that sucked up all my time.  Because of the curve of these things and all the small spacing, it was a time consuming process.  When I was finished I didn’t even have the energy to clean up.  The boat sits in the garage, covered with dust.  Tomorrow I will vacuum the hull and wipe it down with denatured alcohol covered rags.  Then, I will be ready for some fillets, fiberglass, and epoxy.

Time Spent: 5.0 Hours

Total Time In Build: 103.5 Hours

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