Fabricating Custom Rails – Part 4

Posted by Zachary Wiest in Epoxy, Modifications, Tools, Woodworking

Before installing the inwale of the custom Skerry rails, I used the router to make a channel from the breasthook to the center frame.  The trolling motor power wires will run inside this channel so they are hidden from normal view.  The smell of this Spanish Cedar is awesome when you are routing away the wood.

After the inwale was modified with the channel, I dry fit the rails and cut away the excess.  I thought it would be quite a challenge to bend these rails inside the hull and cut them to size, but it was quite manageable.  After the rails where cut and clamped and place I removed one side and glued it with epoxy thickened with silica.  Once one side was glued I did the other.  This kept the stress of the hull equal during installation.

Time Spent: 3.0 Hours

Total Time In Build: 89.0 Hours

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