Fabricating Custom Rails – Part 2

Posted by Zachary Wiest in Decisions, Epoxy, Modifications, Tools

Today I attached the rails to the Skerry hull using epoxy thickened with silica, the standard high strength adheasive that I have been using all along.  It took a good amount of time and had to mix two small batches.  As I work I added spring clamps every 8″ or so.  Clamps are essential when building a boat like this.  Once I had the rails attached, I drilled some pilot holes with a counter sunk bit through the hull and into the rail.  This is a modification from the plans.  I wanted to add a little extra strength.

Because I am doing a modified rail (adding a inwale on spacers), I took some time and cut about 60 two inch long spacers of the same rail material.

Time Spent: 2.5 Hours

Total Time In Build: 78.5 Hours

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