Fabricating Custom Rails – Part 1

Posted by Zachary Wiest in Decisions, Modifications, Tools, Woodworking

Before I even started building the Skerry I knew I wanted to make some modifications to the rails.  If built as described in the manual, the rails are made by laminating two long pieces of mahogany on the exterior of the boat.  I wanted something more functional and certainly more appealing to the eye.  I am copying something a lot of other building have done.  Instead of just having an outwale, I will have an inwale as well.  Between the outwale and inwale, spacers will provide for a functional rail that things can be tied off too. The side by side comparison below may help you visualize the difference.

To begin this modification, I decided to cut a rabbet the entire length of the outwale that will fit over the top of the side panel.  This will keep a nice uniform appearance at the top of the rail.  I cut this rabbet with a rabbeting bit on my router.  Next, I test fit the rails to the hull.  They looked good!  Unfortunately It started raining again, bugs were filling the garage, and I didn’t want to epoxy them to the hull in the hot humid garage.  That step will have to wait.

Time Spent: 1.5 Hours

Total Time In Build: 76.0 Hours

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