Custom Electric Rudder – Reinforcement and More Cutting and Gluing

Posted by Zachary Wiest in Auxiliary Propulsion, Decisions, Epoxy, Modifications, Tools, Woodworking

With the epoxy holding the rudder and motor together now cured, I drilled some holes to feed cable ties through and around the motor.  I am using these to reinforce the bound between the two components.  The motor is a considerable amount of weight and I don’t want it falling off the rudder.  I will also be using more epoxy and fiberglass to further reinforce and fair at a later time.

Once the initial reinforcement was down, I cut an additional piece of wood to fit below the motor and behind its metal skeg.  My thought is that this could give the rudder a little more authority, and it will look better in the end.  Once that piece was cut to fit, I build a jig to hold the assembly inverted and I glued it to the motor.  Again, I used epoxy thickened with silica.

Time Spent: 1.0 Hours

Total Time In Build: 72.0 Hours

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  1. chalalasFrançois

    Super !!!
    I have been looking for a long time how to attach an electric motor to a rudder of my old boat. Thank you from France.

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