Final Coats of Exterior Epoxy – Part 1

Posted by Zachary Wiest in Epoxy, Tools

After finishing the sanding earlier today I moved on to epoxy the entire exterior.  This time much care was taken to get the smoothest possible finish.  I began by wiping down the entire hull with a rag soaked in denatured alcohol.  This eliminated all dust.

Next, I mixed up some epoxy and poured it into a roller pan. I used a bristle brush to apply the epoxy to the stems and skeg then a short nap roller to cover the hull.  The roller leaves thousands of small air bubbles.  These are eliminated by dragging a foam brush over the entire hull.  When the hull was covered, I went back with the bristle brush to clean up some missed spots on the lap seams.  The epoxy on the hull looks beautiful!  It certainly makes me question wanting to paint the exterior.

Time Spent: 1.5 Hours

Total Time In Build: 65.0 Hours

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