A Little of This, A Little of That … More Miscellaneous Work

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I got a lot of things done today.  I hit up a bunch of different things so I will just list them.

1. After the yard (sprit) was cured from gluing the two pieces together, I got out my router and rounded over the yard and boom with a 3/8″ roundover bit.  I love working with the router!  It has to be the coolest woodworking tool.

2. I laid out some plastic in my house and glued the two sections of the mast.  I also glued the rails together.  Each of the four, full-length rails (inwale and outale on port and starboard) are made of three pieces.  As usual, I used epoxy thickened with silica for strength.  Many clamps were used to put pressure on the seam.  I elected to do this in the house because of the flat level floor and limited space in the garage with the boat in there.

3. The daggerboard will produce a lot of drag with its 2′ draft.  I began shaping the leading and trailing edges with the sander, to make it more sleek in the water.  I will eventually do the same to the rudder.

4. The rudder is a kickup type that rotates aft on a 1/4″ bolt that runs through both halves of the rudder head.  I drilled these holes out to 3/8″ and filled with epoxy thickened with wood flour.  When this cures I will again drill out the smaller 1/4″ hole.  This is done to completely seal the wood from water penetration.  I don’t want water getting in there and rotting away the wood!

Time Spent: 2.5 Hours

Total Time In Build: 48.5 Hours

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