Fiberglassing the Bottom of the Hull

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I woke up this morning all set to epoxy my fiberglass cloth to the bottom of the hull.  Per the manual’s instructions, I mixed up some unthickened epoxy and started pouring it on the hull, using a plastic squeegee to move it about the hull.  The thickeness is right when the fiberglass weave is still visible but fully saturated.

It was going great until I started noticing that the epoxy in the cup was starting to get hot.  I had about 8 ounces left and I poured a few ounces on to the hull.  The epoxy was smoking it was so hot!  Unfortunately it was now so thick that it would not penetrate the weave.  I had only mixed about 20 ounces, less than the manual recommended, and it was already curing in my cup!  Maybe I wasn’t working fast enough or maybe it was the South Florida heat, but I was left with a 20″ section of the bottom panel that I would need to redo.  The epoxy was just too thick to saturate the fiberglass cloth.

I mixed up a new, smaller batch and completed the rest of the hull.  When complete, I ran a razor blade in the first lap to remove the extra cloth.  I then removed the plastic skirt and cut some fiberglass cloth to lay on the bow and stern.  I quickly glued these pieces to the hull.

The manual says to come back between 4 and 30 hours to apply a second coat to fill the weave.  I will do this in a little bit, but will avoid the bad spot.  I am kind of disappointed because I will have to sand out and redo the bad fiberglass.  I guess it is all part of the experience…

Time Spent: 1.5 Hours

Total Time In Build: 43.0 Hours

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