Sanding the Whole Boat – Part 2

Posted by Zachary Wiest in Sanding, Tools, Woodworking

I spent most of the day sanding the exterior of the boat.  I had a lot of excess epoxy to remove so I started with 80 grit on the random orbit sander and hand block.  Once the epoxy was removed, I cleaned up the lap joints by wrapping some sandpaper around a pencil and dragging it through the channel.  I also shaped the bow and stern using 80 grit on the hand block.  I finished off all the sand work with 150 grit then 220.  I can’t believe how silky smooth the wood feels when complete with the 220 grit.  To prepare the hull for fiberglass tomorrow, I rubbed to down with denatured alcohol and some rags.

It was a long day and I have a feeling that I will be sore tomorrow!  I did take a few breaks as rain storms rolled through.  Luckily I had a tarp to cover the hull until they passed.

Time Spent: 5.0 Hours

Total Time In Build: 41.0 Hours

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