Filling the Stitch Holes and Epoxying the Seats

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This afternoon I removed the stitches from the bow, stern, and frames. I wasn’t able to remove all of them as they were stuck in the epoxy.  I cut them as close as I could to hull.  They still stuck out a little and I found them very difficult to file but they did sand down a little… until the sand paper ripped.  Knowing this I decided to mound some thickened epoxy around them.  When this cures I should be able to sand them smooth because there will be no sharp edges to tear the sand paper. I don’t know if it will work, but I will know in a future post.

I also decided to fill the holes left in the hull by the wire stitches.  I used thickened epoxy to do this.  This was out of sequence with the manual which has me filling holes after epoxying the entire hull.  I think this makes more sense.

After filling the interior holes, I pulled the boat out of the garage to vacuum the floor and lay down some plastic so that I could start epoxying the seats and the daggerboard trunk.  I used a foam roller and unthickened epoxy to do this.  This also provided an opportunity to take a picture of the boat beside my door so you can get an idea of the size.

After I finished epoxying the seats, I put the boat back in the garage, inverted and on the sawhorses. I then filled the holes in the exterior of the hull and mounded epoxy around the exposed stitches like I mentioned in the first paragraph.

Time Spent: 2.5 Hours

Total Time In Build: 33.5 Hours

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