Skipping Ahead, Daggerboard Trunk and Skeg

Posted by Zachary Wiest in Epoxy

It has been about a week since I worked on the Skerry.  I took a trip down to Key West and was away all weekend but I jumped back into the build by skipping ahead.  Yesterday afternoon I put a coat of unthickened epoxy on the interior face of the daggerboard trunk.  Today I put on a second coat.  This is done before assembling the trunk because once built it would be very hard to epoxy the inside, and this area is definitely going to be exposed to water.  The book calls for two coats, but I think I’ll sand it smooth after this second coat dries and add a third.  Better safe than sorry in this area!

I also began work on the skeg this morning.  The kit comes with two halves of the skeg and the manual calls for gluing them together with thickened epoxy.  I mixed up a batch and painted it on.  Once uniformly covered, I glued the two sides together.  I also had to repair the tip of the trailing edge of one of the halves.  It most have broken off during shipping because I found it loose in the box when I unpacked.  Once both sides were matched, I “clamped” them down with weights.  The manual emphasizes that the skeg must be completely straight and recommends clamping it to a table to cure.  I think this will suffice.

So you may be wondering, why did I skip ahead?  This way the next logical step since I am held up at stitching the #2 panels to the #1s.  I will need a helper to assist in the drill / stitch process for joining the #1/2s.  Joining the #3s to #2s should be easy as I have pre-drilled the holes.

Time Spent: 1.0 Hours

Total Time In Build: 16.0 Hours

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