Sanding More Finger Joints

Posted by Zachary Wiest in Sanding, Tools

So the #2 and #3 panel finger joint epoxy has cured for well over a day now.  It is time to sand again!  <— Notice the exclamation point?  Who knows how long that will last.  Anyways, I really enjoy using the sander.  Maybe all guys do love power tools.

The whole process of sanding these joints was very uneventful.  It was much the same as my last post.  The only different is that there where some rabbets as part of these joints that needed sanding as well.  I did learn that the sander works much better with a new sanding disc. It is not worth sanding away with a spent disc when the things cost less than a dollar each.  I am sure I’ll be changing these things frequently.

When I finished sanding the panels I set up the sawhorses and placed the bottom panel and the #1 panels on them.  It was nice to get these out of my house and into the garage!  The #2 and #3 will lay on the garage floor until they are ready to be stitched into the kit.

Time Spent: 1.5 Hours

Total Time In Build: 8.0 Hours

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