Sanding Finger Joints / Gluing Remaining Panels

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After a minimum of 24 hours curing the bottom and #1 panel joints, it was time to break out the random orbit sander!  I began by removing the weights and the plastic sheeting.  The plastic sheeting is a necessity.  It was easy to peel away and prevented me from gluing things to the wood.  When the joint was exposed I saw just how messy I had been.

I turned on the sander and started working on the joint.  It was surprisingly easy to get through the material.  After a couple minutes I realized, “Wow!  There is a lot of epoxy dust here.”  I almost kicked myself in the head when I realized I hadn’t hooked the shop vac up to the sander.  The ability to attach the sander to a vacuum was one of the reasons I chose this model.

With the vacuum attached, sanding was a pleasure.  I quickly worked through the material and was pleased with the end result.  See the before and after pictures.  Unfortunately, I sanded a little too deep on one of the panels and removed some of the veneer.  To make things worse, this is the interior side of the panel which will most certainly be finished bright.  I guess my boat is already developing some “character.”

When I finished sanding the #1 panels and the bottom panel, I moved them to the hallway in my house.  I had to make room in the garage to glue the #2 and #3 joints.  This should only be temporary, lasting a day or so while the newly glued panels cure.

With that being said, I also glued the number #2 and #3 panels.  This was a total of four joints.  The process was identical to my last post accept these panels have rabbets on the lower edge.  A rabbet is a recess on the interior wall of the panel, on the lower side. It effectively receives the upper edge of the previous panel to create the lapstrake hull.  Because it is important that the rabbets are flush at the joint, I used binder clips to pinch the two panels together at the rabbet, exterior sides together.  This was recommended by the manual and worked quite well.  Remember to place plastic under the clip so as to not glue it to the joint!

Time Spent: 2.5 Hours

Total Time In Build: 6.5 Hours

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