My Kit Arrives, But I Am Not Happy

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So today I was sitting at work, dreaming about building the boat, and thought I’d check the status on shipment.  I knew that the packages weren’t supposed to arrive for a couple more days, but I thought maybe I would get lucky.  So I logged on to AIT Worldwide Logistics (CLC’s kit shipper) and discovered that my kit was out for delivery!  It was only noon but I had an afternoon flight and I knew I wouldn’t be getting home until after 1730!  That wait was no fun, but when I did get home I instantly knew I would be waiting even longer to start building.  I found a trail of epoxy leading from the street, all the way up my driveway to a plastic wrapped box.  The box sat in a puddle of the stuff.  I immediately moved the larger of the two boxes (the one containing the wooden parts), slipped on some gloves, and grabbed handy my box cutter.  It was no easy task breaking into the partially hardened box, but when I did I saw a gallon of resin and a gallon of hardener had burst open.  It was obvious that the package had been dropped, landing on the throats of the containers and popping the caps and foil seal right off.

Now I can understand that accidents happen. But when this shipper realized that my package labeled “fragile” was leaking a sticky unknown substance, they decided to bag it and continue delivery.  I find that incredibly strange.  The epoxy must have wreaked havoc on the delivery truck and the driver’s hands because it wasn’t just dripping out of the package, it was running!  This is evident by the substantial trail on my driveway.

Knowing that both CLC and AIT were closed for the business day, I grabbed my iPhone and snapped pictures as I unpacked.  Once I was able to separate all of the epoxy items, I moved onto the wood and other assorted parts.  No damage or missing items there.  I went back to the epoxy and made an assessment of the total damage.  Although the Cab-o-Fill and Wood Flour containers were covered, no epoxy mixture had penetrated them.  I also had an in tack gallon of resin, but would need new pumps in addition to the damaged resin/hardener.  I put all this information together an emailed it to CLC.  I guess I’ll wait and see how this works out…

Time Spent: 0.5 Hours

Total Time In Build: 0.5 Hours

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